How to reduce ‘Cost per Hire’

Every process in an organization has a cost associated with it, recruitment being no exception. Hence, recruitment is analyzed and structured as per the cost it incurs. To estimate the expenses incurred, we use the term ‘Cost per Hire’. The cost metrics for recruitment ...Read More

Scope of Technology in Recruitment

Recruitment in any organization is of utmost importance. Be it bringing in fresh talent to a corporate firm or building a strong & like minded team for a Start Up, recruitment takes the prime seat. Recruitment is a vast initiative in its own. It ...Read More

Startup Recruitment Trends in India-2016

Finding the right candidate for the job is as difficult as finding the right job in itself. Recruitment has always been a mammoth task for a Talent Acquisition Head of an organization. In a space where job boards, consultants and new age tech sourcing ...Read More